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Hospitality Fee

What’s the 15% Hospitality Fee? Below are the reasons we implemented this model:

Benefits & Base Pay
Our service fee directly contributes to:

  • A base wage for all staff positions of $15/hour providing income stability whether the restaurant is busy or slow and opportunity for work life balance
  • Employer sponsored added benefits such as paid parental leave, employer funded medical insurance, paid time off for eligible employees
  • Better wages and benefits create a better working environment, committed, professional employees and a consistent and stable business.

Change is Needed, Tipping based labor is flawed:

  • Tip dependence contributes to the perception of temporary, unskilled or lesser than professional workers, which is absolutely false and detrimental to the industry and individual self respect
  • It can facilitate discrimination, sexual harassment and inequitable treatment
  • Tipping is rooted in the exploitation of workers and slavery
  • Solely tipping based income supports racial and identity inequality

Ok - I get it! Can I still tip?

  • Yes! Tips are accepted/appreciated and a way to show gratitude for our hard working teams, it is considered a bonus or a compliment, not a requirement to close a wage gap.
  • We participate in a Tip Pooling systems, meaning tips are shared amongst all team members, both front and back of the house

Every order includes a Hospitality Fee totaling 15% AT (after taxes), and all applicable sales taxes are included. 

This service fee is not a tip. The fee is intended to create a sustainable and equitable work environment for all staff members.